Ciryam with new contract !

With big pleasure and even bigger appetite (not just the Christmas appetite)we want to present you our new strategic publisher and promoter of the upcoming new Ciryam`s production in Poland – Jessy Art Records. We have high hopes that the actions of J.A. Records will contribute to the further development and promotion of Ciryam team to new levels.
We wanted to share with you this novelty in the “old” year 2014.
Follow us profiles will be a lot of news. We start with the New Year. Show must go on !!!

Well, we can not hide, erase or get out of the whole situation…

Well, we can not hide, erase or get out of the whole situation…
Yes it is true one fine summer evening of this year, the band Ciryam was reported to the current edition MAM TALENT… concerns were hundreds, thousands of stress, the more that each of us understands the entertainment form of the program but… something for something. The first stage of the so-called „precasting” went like a storm, forward strongly and mega ok. The second stage the so-called „big segregation”, direct visit to Krakow theater in the presence of the elect before the main jury, live recording, etc …. and went further, jury said YES !!! We are in the final 80 !!! We’re going to Warsaw (stage III) … we were greeted by the tropical weather, the heat poured down from the sky, and the recording material at the Central Station protracted mercilessly …. The effect could see in the first episode. The long wait for the verdict and continue …. and unfortunately have not managed to go to the next stage, but the 80-stamp with dozen of thousands reported that a lot of success and a new experience, interesting situations, conversations (greetings merry guiding a team of production and the rest of the contractors). Augustin keep it up !!!  Rock’n'Roll!!!

SAMBA ROCK TOURS 2014 is over.

Weekend concert tour is over. It was great tour. In the beginning we want to thanks all of you for great entertainment (lollipops), co-organizers for help with almost everything, photographers (Iwona, Rafał, Robert), supports bands and of course we would like to thanks our guests from Brazil – KITA. International integration was on high level, and cooperation during concerts was with positive energy so the results of this things were great shows and sadness when tour was over. We hope that we will play on the same stage in the near future.