Track recordings done. Nowi t is time to mix and mastering !

Relation of our work in the studio Lynx finished. For the uninitiated and the curious we want remember that all tracks were recorded in Crakow in LYNX studio, under the supervision of the owner of the studio Mr. Ryszard Kramarski.The next stage of the album`s production took place in the brothers Wieslawscy studio – HERTZ. Knowing their past work and recording in this studio already we entrusted to them mixing and mastering of our new album. Wojtek & Slawek – greetings from us and thank you for the usual friendly cooperation.Photos from visit in Hertz studio you can find in “photo ” section of our website.So how sounds the new Ciryam`s material… Soon more fresh info from the team camp, holiday concerts, holidays, plate and something extra.

Atmosphere, coffee and favourite windowsill…..

I am in Lynx studio third time in my life, I know there almost every angle, my coffee was already on every windowsill, shelf and table – I feel in this studio like in my own home. The atmosphere is very nice and in my case, if the conditions are good my mood to recording is good also. I will not write out what equipment I used, which microphones and how many toothpaste I used up during this time, most importantly is that I was prepared, singing and it went smoothly.
I can not forget the mega relaxed realizator who always patiently
tolerates my indecision, hesitation, and of course the innate shyness :)
Thus, what it was like recording vocals … without undue spins, relaxed as ever.
Check out the gallery; Foto-photo-sessions-making of the work in the studio.”

Guitar parts – studio part 4.

And now time for guitar part 2 (…) Robert.

„Now it`s my time. I recorded all my parts in Lynx Studio (again after few years) with few instruments called Gibson (Studio and Standard models) and with typical „execution machine” – Mayones Setius with 7 strings. My another tools I used during session: Mesa Boogie (Dual Recitifer) with Mesa „Horizontal” cabinet and few pedals in my pedalboard.
I was very satisfied with my sound – good proportion of „mass” and „volume” gave us interesting mechanic massacre. As always new Ciryam`s album shows something different than previous albums. This time guitars are more dynamic with much more powerful sound and differents tuning.It sounds good and powerfully.”

Guitar parts – studio part 3

Today few words and photos of our guitarist`s work in Lynx Music Studio. Firsth of all: Kuba Czubik – specialist of guitars and solo things. Instruments and amp`s sounds was already prepared before session started. We always like experiment and combine a lot of on our instruments. We want to invite you to Photo / sessions to show you how Kuba`s working in studio looks like.
After recording drums and bass start time with guitars begun. It was my firsth visit in professional recording studio ever, so I was very stressful before it. Last weeks before start my sessions I was spending on intense training on all my guitar parts. I recorded parts in 3 days and I was surprised that from the moment I came to studio, my stress gone. Process of recording was very quick – max 2-3 times and part I was working on was in final version. It gave me time comfort on the end of session, because I could focuse on few small and hidden sounds which gave an interestings flavours to Ciryam`s songs. In summary I have very good memories of stay in the studio and meeting Lynx Richard Kramarski. Perhaps more than once in our paths will cross.

Studio report part 2 – bass and violin

Second part of recording tracks for new album; the lowests sounds of our music – BASS.
Darek Daroo Matz with his 5 string instrument were responsible for all bass lines.
He started record with big energy after two days without water
and food bass lines have been completed.
The recordings took place in a calm and easy-going atmosphere.
We planed to finish bass in one day but it was only theoreticaly point of view.
Practicaly I`ve modified a lot of my parts during the session, sometimes with suggestions from Mr. Ryszard. Finaly my work in studio was finished after two days. After firsth day I was analyzing my parts with Robert and we were talking about future band`s plans also.It wasn`t my firsth visit in professional studio so I knew what can happen in studio, so my another succes is that I wasn`t nervous during two recording days.
New album include additional instrument, which wasn`t used in our music
from a long time – violin. This time in electronic version recorded
by Agata (Żyleta) Żylińska. She recorded violins parts on few songs which
added to our material new interestings „colour” sounds.