Guitar parts – studio part 3

Today few words and photos of our guitarist`s work in Lynx Music Studio. Firsth of all: Kuba Czubik – specialist of guitars and solo things. Instruments and amp`s sounds was already prepared before session started. We always like experiment and combine a lot of on our instruments. We want to invite you to Photo / sessions to show you how Kuba`s working in studio looks like.
After recording drums and bass start time with guitars begun. It was my firsth visit in professional recording studio ever, so I was very stressful before it. Last weeks before start my sessions I was spending on intense training on all my guitar parts. I recorded parts in 3 days and I was surprised that from the moment I came to studio, my stress gone. Process of recording was very quick – max 2-3 times and part I was working on was in final version. It gave me time comfort on the end of session, because I could focuse on few small and hidden sounds which gave an interestings flavours to Ciryam`s songs. In summary I have very good memories of stay in the studio and meeting Lynx Richard Kramarski. Perhaps more than once in our paths will cross.

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