Studio report part 2 – bass and violin

Second part of recording tracks for new album; the lowests sounds of our music – BASS.
Darek Daroo Matz with his 5 string instrument were responsible for all bass lines.
He started record with big energy after two days without water
and food bass lines have been completed.
The recordings took place in a calm and easy-going atmosphere.
We planed to finish bass in one day but it was only theoreticaly point of view.
Practicaly I`ve modified a lot of my parts during the session, sometimes with suggestions from Mr. Ryszard. Finaly my work in studio was finished after two days. After firsth day I was analyzing my parts with Robert and we were talking about future band`s plans also.It wasn`t my firsth visit in professional studio so I knew what can happen in studio, so my another succes is that I wasn`t nervous during two recording days.
New album include additional instrument, which wasn`t used in our music
from a long time – violin. This time in electronic version recorded
by Agata (Żyleta) Żylińska. She recorded violins parts on few songs which
added to our material new interestings „colour” sounds.

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