Track recordings done. Nowi t is time to mix and mastering !

Relation of our work in the studio Lynx finished. For the uninitiated and the curious we want remember that all tracks were recorded in Crakow in LYNX studio, under the supervision of the owner of the studio Mr. Ryszard Kramarski.The next stage of the album`s production took place in the brothers Wieslawscy studio – HERTZ. Knowing their past work and recording in this studio already we entrusted to them mixing and mastering of our new album. Wojtek & Slawek – greetings from us and thank you for the usual friendly cooperation.Photos from visit in Hertz studio you can find in “photo ” section of our website.So how sounds the new Ciryam`s material… Soon more fresh info from the team camp, holiday concerts, holidays, plate and something extra.

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