Atmosphere, coffee and favourite windowsill…..

I am in Lynx studio third time in my life, I know there almost every angle, my coffee was already on every windowsill, shelf and table – I feel in this studio like in my own home. The atmosphere is very nice and in my case, if the conditions are good my mood to recording is good also. I will not write out what equipment I used, which microphones and how many toothpaste I used up during this time, most importantly is that I was prepared, singing and it went smoothly.
I can not forget the mega relaxed realizator who always patiently
tolerates my indecision, hesitation, and of course the innate shyness :)
Thus, what it was like recording vocals … without undue spins, relaxed as ever.
Check out the gallery; Foto-photo-sessions-making of the work in the studio.”

Guitar parts – studio part 4.

And now time for guitar part 2 (…) Robert.

„Now it`s my time. I recorded all my parts in Lynx Studio (again after few years) with few instruments called Gibson (Studio and Standard models) and with typical „execution machine” – Mayones Setius with 7 strings. My another tools I used during session: Mesa Boogie (Dual Recitifer) with Mesa „Horizontal” cabinet and few pedals in my pedalboard.
I was very satisfied with my sound – good proportion of „mass” and „volume” gave us interesting mechanic massacre. As always new Ciryam`s album shows something different than previous albums. This time guitars are more dynamic with much more powerful sound and differents tuning.It sounds good and powerfully.”